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Cosmogenesis is the origin and development of the cosmos. This term "Cosmogenesis" was used by Helena P. Blavatsky to describe the content of Volume I of her two-volume Secret Doctrine, published in 1888; volume II was called "Anthropogenesis" or the origin of humanity.


In Cosmogenesis, Blavatsky describes that the first fundamental principle of the cosmos is "an omnipresent, eternal, boundless and immutable principle on which all speculation is impossible." She uses the term "Absolute" to describe it.


Within this Absolute is the germ of manifestation, which in itself is unmanifested. She uses the term First Logos, or the First Cause.


At the dawn of manifestation, there is a stage which she describes as the Second Logos, still unmanifest in terms of our physical Universe, which has now the principle of dualistic differentiation: Puraya - Prakriti, Spirit-Matter, Father-Mother.


Only on the third stage, or the Third Logos, does manifestation of the Cosmos actually begin. From this Third Logos is emanated the manifested universe, starting from the Seven Planetary Logoi and then the hierarchy of divine intelligences, down to the other beings or entities in the physical world.


Blavatsky states that the mythology and scriptures of the world have many correspondences with this view of cosmogenesis. She devoted the first volume of her Secret Doctrine to the comparison of the above cosmogenetical view with those of ancient cultures and beliefs.



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