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Mornington Crescent London Underground Tube Station.

Opened in 1907

Located in Camden, the station is on the Northern Line

Charing Cross Branch between Euston & Cambden Town




The Mornington Crescent Game


The I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue Team

Radio 4’s “I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue” is very popular with Theosophists



The Late Willie Rushton in front of a Mornington Crescent

platform sign. Willie died in 1996 and a Plaque was unveiled

in his honour in the entrance to the station in 2002.




Consulting the Mornington Crescent Rules



Besides being an Underground Station, Mornington Crescent is also the

name of a transport orienteering game made famous by the Radio 4 comedy

programme “I’m Sorry, I Haven’t a Clue”. The game has arbitrary rules

and requires esoteric knowledge of the London Transport System.





Closure and Grand Re-opening


Mornington Crescent Lives On


Many London Underground maps still show Mornington Crescent as a

disused station. This is because of a period of closure from 1992 to 1998.


Amazingly this Legendary Cult Underground Station was closed in 1992

for an indefinite period, as the passenger lifts from street to platform

level had become unserviceable. Recognising the importance of this station

both to the transport system and to our cultural heritage, millions of pounds

were found to repair the lifts and give the station a makeover.



The Grand Re-opening of

Mornington Crescent Underground Station

The Mayor of Camden with the

“I’m Sorry, I haven’t a Clue Team”



The Grand re-opening of Mornington Crescent Underground Station

took place on April 27th 1998 and in recognition of the it’s cultural

importance, London Underground invited the team of Radio 4’s

"I'm Sorry, I haven't a Clue" to open the refurbished station.



Mrs Trellis of North Wales

Her letters always get enormous laughs.

Everything is negotiable in Theosophy and not surprisingly

some Theosophists have even raised questions as to whether

Mrs Trellis of North Wales actually exists.

This page looks at various theories about Mrs Trellis of North Wales,

her existence, her identity and possible hidden messages concealed in her

letters but in the Theosophical Tradition these are ideas for consideration

and you can make your own mind up.



Encyclopaedia Morningtonia

Essential reading for fans of Mornington Crescent.

The big names and history and development of the game.



Uxbridge English





And Now The Theosophy



This site focuses on the Theosophical

model of the development of our

Earth and of Humanity and the

relationship between the two




Evolutionary Theosophy Links



H P Blavatsky’s major work; The Secret Doctrine is divided into two sections.

These are Cosmogenesis or the coming in existence of the Universe and

Anthropogenesis or the coming into existence of Mankind. Here are brief

outlines of how these terms are used in Theosophy.


Cosmogenesis     Anthropogenesis



The Planetary Chain

Alfred Percy Sinnett

Esoteric views of Evolution

The Chain of Globes

The Progress of Man round the Globes

The Spiral Advance

Original Evolution of the Globes

The Lower Kingdoms


The World Periods

Alfred Percy Sinnett

Uniformity of Nature

Rounds and Races

The Septenary Law

Objective and Subjective Lives

Total Incarnations

Former Races on Earth

Periodic Cataclysms


The Cyclic Law


The Human Tide-Wave

Alfred Percy Sinnett

Progress of the Main Wave


Twilight and Dawn of Evolution

The Neighbouring Planets

Gradations of Spirituality

Prematurely Developed Egos

Intervals of Reincarnation


The Progress of Humanity

Alfred Percy Sinnett

The Choice of Good or Evil

The Second Half of Evolution

The Decisive Turning Point

Spirituality and Intellect

The Survival of the Fittest

The Sixth Sense

Development of the Principles in their Order

The Subsidence of the Unfit

Provision for All

The Exceptional Cases, Their Scientific Explanation

Justice Satisfied

The Destiny of Failures

Human Evolution Reviewed


The Universe

Alfred Percy Sinnett

The Days and Nights of Brahma

The Various Manvantaras and Pralayas

The Solar System

The Universal Pralaya

Recommencement of Evolution

“Creation” The Great First Cause

The Eternal Cyclic Process


The Hidden Work of Nature

C Jinarajadasa

When we contemplate the pageant of nature, we see her

at a work of building and un-building. From mineral

to bacterium and plant, from microbe to animal and man,

nature is busy at a visible work, step by step evolving

higher and more complex structures.


Though she may seem at first sight to work blindly

and mechanically, she has in reality a coherent

plan of action. Her plan is to evolve structures stage by

stage, so that the amount of time needed by a given

creature for its self-protection and sustenance

may be less and less with each successive generation.


The higher the structure is in its organization and

adaptability, the more time, and hence more energy,

there is free for other purposes of life than

sustenance and procreation.

Rounds And Races

William Quan Judge

The planetary chain consists of seven companion globes,

which for convenience of reference are named from the

first seven letters of the alphabet, A, B, C, D, E, F, and G.


We occupy globe D, the fourth in the chain. The course

of evolution begins on globe A, and proceeds by regular

stages through globes B, C, D, E, etc.


In the beginning,globe A was first evolved, and life

received a certaindegree of development upon it; then

globe B cameinto existence, and the life-wave removed

from globe A to B,where it went forward another stage;

then globe C wasevolved and received the life wave for

a still further stagein its progress; and so on, until at the

end of the first roundglobe G was evolved and furnished

the field for the highestdevelopment attainable in that round.


The first round - the first tour of the life-wave through the

seven globes from A to G - having been completed, the monads

- the life wave - passed again to globe A, and commenced

the second round, or the second tour through the chain.


Without following out details, it is enough to say that

three such rounds have been completed, and the fourth

round has commenced its sweep and isstill in progress; and

that we now occupy globe D in this fourth round.


Three times the life-wave has passed from globe A to globe G;

and has now reached globe D in its fourth tour through the chain.


The Earth Chain

William Quan Judge

 The earth is one of seven globes, in respect to man's

consciousness only, because when he functions on one

of the seven he perceives it as a distinct globe and does

not see the other six.


This is in perfect correspondence with man himself who

has six other constituents of which only the gross body

is visible to him because he is now functioning on the Earth

-- or the fourth globe – and his body represents the Earth.


The whole seven "globes" constitute one single mass or great

globe and they all interpenetrate each other. But we have to

say "globe," because the ultimate shape is globular or spherical.


Each one of the globes is used by evolutionary law for the

development of seven races, and of senses, faculties and

powers appropriate to that state of matter: the experience

of the whole seven globes being needed to make

a perfect development.


Hence we have the Rounds and Races. The Round is a

circling of the seven centers of planetary consciousness;

the Race the racial development on one of those seven.


There are seven races for each globe, but the total of

forty-nine races only makes up seven great races,

the special septennate of races on each globe or planetary

center composing in reality one race of seven constituents

or special peculiarities of function and power.


The Planetary Chain

G R S Mead

Like everything else in the universe, this planetary cycle

is of a septenary nature, consisting of seven root changes

of state, which may, for convenience, be called "globes",

but should not be imagined to occupy different places in space,

but rather be thought of as images to represent changes of

state caused by the information of the nebulous and ethereal 

planetary matter, which evolves from, and involves into, itself.


These seven globes interpenetrate one another, although

they are divided each from the other in degree, or state, just

as the seven principles of man or the seven planes of

consciousness, are separated. What is to be remembered,

however, is that it is a separation of state and not of locality.



William Quan Judge

If, then, everything is evolved, the word creation can only

be properly applied to any combination of things already in

existence, since the primordial matter or basis cannot be created.






The Mornington Crescent





The Earth Base for Evolutionary Theosophy


This Website was created to promote

Theosophical ideas concerning the

Evolution of ourselves and of our planet.




Here are some links to more information on

Theosophy and to Centres and Groups

in the UK and Worldwide


Find out more about

Theosophy with these links


Theosophy links



Cardiff Blavatsky Archive

Life & Work of H P Blavatsky

A Theosophy Study Resource



Dave’s Streetwise 

Theosophy Boards

The Theosophy Website that

Welcomes Absolute Beginners

If you run a Theosophy Study Group, please

feel free to use any material on this Website.


The Most Basic Theosophy

 Website in the Universe

A quick overview of Theosophy 

and the Theosophical Society

If you run a Theosophy Study Group you 

can use this as an introductory handout.


Cambden bus and trolley bus early 1960s





Cardiff Theosophical Society Website







The National Wales Theosophy Website



Theosophy Cardiff’s Instant Guide

to Theosophy


Cardiff Theosophical Archive


Pages About Wales

General pages about Wales, Welsh History

and The History of Theosophy in Wales


High Drama & Worldwide Confusion

as Theosophy Cardiff Separates from the

Welsh Regional Association (formed 1993)


Blavatsky Blogger

Independent Theosophy Blog


Quick Blasts of Theosophy

One liners and quick explanations

About aspects of Theosophy


Cardiff Theosophical Order of Service



Hey Look!

Theosophy in Cardiff




Uxbridge English






Great Theosophists

H P Blavatsky is usually the only

Theosophist that most people have ever

heard of. Let’s put that right


The Blavatsky Blogger’s

Instant Guide To

Death & The Afterlife




No Aardvarks were harmed in the

preparation of this Website


Theosophy Cardiff Burn-Up


Theosophy Wales Burn-Up


Theosophy Wales Vanguard


Theosophy Wales Hornet


Theosophy Wales Now!


Death & How to Get Through It

Lentil burgers, a thousand press ups before breakfast and

the daily 25 mile run may put it off for a while but death

seems to get most of us in the end. We are pleased to

present for your consideration, a definitive work on the

subject by a Student of Katherine Tingley entitled

“Man After Death”


Blavatsky Calling

The Voice of the Silence Website


The Blavatsky Free State

An Independent Theosophical Republic

Links to Free Online Theosophy 

Study Resources; Courses, Writings, 

Commentaries, Forums, Blogs




Visit the Feelgood Lodge

The main criteria for the inclusion of

links on this site is that they have some

relationship (however tenuous) to Theosophy

and are lightweight, amusing or entertaining.

Topics include Quantum Theory and Socks,

Dick Dastardly and Legendary Blues Singers.






The New Rock ‘n Roll

An entertaining introduction to Theosophy




Uxbridge English





Theosophy in Wales

The Grand Tour


Nothing answers questions

like Theosophy can!

The Key to Theosophy


Theosophy Avalon

The Theosophy Wales

King Arthur Pages




Uxbridge English

(With strong Italian leanings)






Wales! Wales! Theosophy Wales

The All Wales Guide to

 Getting Started in Theosophy

This is for everybody not just people in Wales


Cardiff Theosophy Start-Up

A Free Intro to Theosophy


Brief Theosophical Glossary


Writings of Annie Besant


Theosophical Glossary

prepared by W Q Judge


The South of Heaven Guide to

Theosophy and Dreams


The South of Heaven Guide to

Theosophy and Angels


The South of Heaven Guide to

Theosophy and Devachan


Theosophy and Help From

The Universe


The Blavatsky Wales Theosophy Group

Regular Blavatsky Events


Theosophy Wales 3000

The Theosophical Inheritance

in the 3rd Millennium


The National Wales Centre for Theosophy





Theosophy Tekels Park

Tekels Park, Camberley, Surrey, England GU15 – 2LF

Article describing Tekels Park and its much

cherished wildlife by Theosophist and long

term Tekels Park Resident Madeleine Leslie Smith


The Theosophical Value of

Tekels Park


The Theosophy Cardiff Guide

to Roath Park / Parc Y Rhath




Mrs Trellis of North Wales

Demands Wolfie’s Resignation

Wolfie gets a letter from Mrs Trellis of North Wales as she demands

his resignation as leader of the Tooting Popular Front in an

attempt to take over in Tooting. This is no doubt the first stage

in Mrs Trellis of North Wales’s plan to take over the world and

then the universe. There are rumours that she has formed an alliance

with Darth Vader in order to do this.


The Tooting Broadway

Underground Theosophy Website

The Spiritual Home of Urban Theosophy


Theosophy Wales Burn-Up


Theosophy Wales Vanguard




Tekels Park


Tekels Park to be Sold to a Developer

Concerns are raised about the fate of the wildlife as

The Spiritual Retreat, Tekels Park in Camberley,

Surrey, England is to be sold to a developer





Esoteric Buddhism

Alfred Percy Sinnett

Annotated Edition Published 1885 


Preface to the Annotated Edition  Preface to the Original Edition


Esoteric Teachers  The Constitution of Man  The Planetary Chain


The World Periods  Devachan  Kama Loca


The Human Tide-Wave  The Progress of Humanity


Buddha  Nirvana  The Universe  The Doctrine Reviewed




Uxbridge English






Classic Introductory Theosophy Text

A Text Book of Theosophy By C W Leadbeater


What Theosophy Is  From the Absolute to Man


The Formation of a Solar System  The Evolution of Life


The Constitution of Man  After Death  Reincarnation


The Purpose of Life  The Planetary Chains


The Result of Theosophical Study


Elementary Theosophy

An Outstanding Introduction to Theosophy

By a student of Katherine Tingley


Elementary Theosophy Who is the Man?  Body and Soul   


Body, Soul and Spirit  Reincarnation  Karma


The Seven in Man and Nature


The Meaning of Death


The Occult World

By Alfred Percy Sinnett


Preface to the American Edition    Introduction


Occultism and its Adepts    The Theosophical Society


First Occult Experiences   Teachings of Occult Philosophy


Later Occult Phenomena    Appendix




Uxbridge English







The Ocean of Theosophy

William Quan Judge


Preface    Theosophy and the Masters    General Principles


The Earth Chain    Body and Astral Body    Kama – Desire


Manas    Of Reincarnation    Reincarnation Continued


Karma    Kama Loka    Devachan    Cycles


Septenary Constitution Of Man


Arguments Supporting Reincarnation


Differentiation Of Species Missing Links


Psychic Laws, Forces, and Phenomena


Psychic Phenomena and Spiritualism


Instant Guide to Theosophy

Quick Explanations with Links to More Detailed Info


What is Theosophy ? Theosophy Defined (More Detail)


Three Fundamental Propositions  Key Concepts of Theosophy


Cosmogenesis  Anthropogenesis  Root Races  Karma


Ascended Masters  After Death States  Reincarnation


The Seven Principles of Man  Helena Petrovna Blavatsky


Colonel Henry Steel Olcott William Quan Judge


The Start of the Theosophical Society Theosophical Society Presidents


History of the Theosophical Society  Glossaries of Theosophical Terms


History of the Theosophical Society in Wales


The Three Objectives of the Theosophical Society


Explanation of the Theosophical Society Emblem





A Study in Karma

Annie Besant


Karma  Fundamental Principles  Laws: Natural and Man-Made  The Law of Laws 


The Eternal Now  Succession  Causation The Laws of Nature  A Lesson of The Law


  Karma Does Not Crush  Apply This Law  Man in The Three Worlds  Understand The Truth


Man and His Surroundings  The Three Fates  The Pair of Triplets  Thought, The Builder


  Practical Meditation  Will and Desire  The Mastery of Desire  Two Other Points


  The Third Thread  Perfect Justice  Our Environment  Our Kith and Kin  Our Nation


The Light for a Good Man  Knowledge of Law  The Opposing Schools


The More Modern View  Self-Examination  Out of the Past


Old Friendships  We Grow By Giving  Collective Karma  Family Karma


National Karma  India’s Karma  National Disasters


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Theosophy Wales 2008 Changes

Structural Changes in the

Theosophical Movement in Wales

as it separates into independent 

groups that can do their own thing.


Hey Look!

Theosophy in Wales




Theosophy Wales Group Start

The Theosophy Wales Guide to

Starting a Theosophy Group

& of course you don’t need to live in Wales

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